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Rugged cell phones are solid choices for the accident-prone, for those who work in rough environments, or outdoorsy types. And while being tough is a top-line feature, these phones can do a lot more than just make calls and survive falls.
We are in a unique position to provide a wide range of product lines, brands, and import/export logistics capabilities, value-added and turnkey services, all in a one-stop-shop package.
ZELVA Phones are state-of-the-art, technologically superior phones. The magical features of ZELVA Phones come at unbelievably affordable prices. With the latest designs & enhanced capabilities ZELVA Phones stand apart in terms of performance and reliability.

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HN Cellular partners with manufacturers, operators, distributors, service centers, and retailers to turn inventory challenges into business opportunities. We specialize in the responsible and profitable redistribution of smart phones, feature phones, tablets, and other wireless equipment.


HN Cellular has been helping clients, partners manufacture goods in China and other manufacturing centric countries for years .HN Cellular manages end to end processes - from identifying the right manufacturer, negotiating commercials & pricing, overseeing the entire manufacturing process of tooling, actual production on the floor, quality checks & inspection at component level, insurance, shipping and delivery to the client.